Stewards and Stewardesses

We offer Stewards and Stewardesses service in any of the modalities that the client may need.

IMAGE: Personnel for events where you want to give a careful and professional image of the brand.

FOR CONGRESSES: Personnel who perform auxiliary tasks in the organization of the event: prepare and deliver documentation, review the list of guests, register attendees, inform and accompany the guests, personalized attention of the speakers and deliver gifts.

GUIDES: In addition to professionalism and education to serve customers as a good professional, you also need to have tourism and language studies to offer information on the visit and interest.

SALES PROMOTERS: Hostesses at the point of sale. In addition to offering a careful image of the brand, it is necessary that they have commercial skills for sale and are able to expose and explain the product or services to the final consumer.

DELIVERY OF PUBLICITY: Personnel with skill and dexterity as well as people skills as well as commercial capacity distribution in hand, windshield, and mailbox.

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