Since 1982, we dedicate ourselves to the integral organisation of congresses, and either private or public events, which enables us to offer the concept of integral organisation of events.

Since 1998 we expand our services of extern and intern communication because of the proper demand of our clients and the introduction of the second family generation into the company.

During all these years, we surrounded ourselves with the best experts and built a partnership to be able to offer the best personal and technical equipment to our customers as a team.  This way, we can carry out “works on demand” for all our clients.

In 2013 we renewed our Logo to adapt to new trends and to give more prominence to the union of our two main services.

Congrebas, aware of the importance of practical training, welcomes young students to work in the company in order to bring them closer to the business world.

In the same way, it facilitates a flexible schedule for its workers, mostly women, to concile and reconcile work and family life.

In addition, Congrebas knows the importance of cooperation between companies, institutions and associations, therefore, it is an Associated Company and member of Deusto Bizirik and AED (Association of Businesswomen and Managers of Bizkaia), and founding partner of Arbigi enpresa Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa together.
He also collaborates with Innobasque, Manager Forum and Business for SMEs.

It is worth highlighting the social commitment that shows collaborating with non-profit entities, since its launch.

Management team: