We organize all types of congresses, conventions, conferences, etc,  for which we take care of our client’s needs from start to finish. We vouch for important congresses and seminars.

Technical secretariat:

–          Sponsors and collaborators

–          Contributors, moderators, assistants

–          Choice of exhibitors and their total management

–          Control and reception of guests and attendees

–          Registration, entrance of guests and attendees

–          Coordination of documents

–          Protocol


–           Logotypes

–           Posters, poster-plotters

–           Pre-agendas

–           Registration forms and accommodations

–           Diplomas and certificates of Attendance

–           Accreditations

–           Congress Kit: Book of Papers, Cases

–           Pen, notes, etc.

Technical aid:

–          Management of technical needs: audiovisual and computer scientific


–          Welcome cocktails

–           Business lunch

–           Gala dinners and/or closing

–           Coffee breaks

Social program:

–          Organization of excursions and visits

–          Supporting program

–          Shows


–          Selection and adaptation of venues and facilities


–           Booking of accommodation and transfers

Gifts and merchandising:

–           Gifts for speakers, delegates and other attendees