In Congrebas, we are devoted to the organization and drafting of all kind of congresses, events, press offices, and many other services that are related to the world of communication. We have more than 32 years of experience with organizing congresses and more than 14 years in communication which enables us to offer comprehensive management of them. –          We take care of each project from the first contact with the client until it is finished. –          We listen to your needs and offer the best strategic solutions. –          We advise you on everything you need for the successful development of them and    manage all the work with maximum efficiency. –          We offer all our resources, human and technical. –          Our service is completely customized. –          Together with our clients, we form a team and we succeed with engagement, team work, and the ability to achieve the desired or expected result. We believe in the importance of corporate social responsibility. That is why we collaborate with non-profit organizations such as Unicef, International, etc. whenever possible. We also believe in the cooperation between companies. For this reason, we are founding members and associated with AED, Deusto Bizirik and President of the new Arbigi Enpresa, Companies of Basque Country together.   The services we offer are:

–          Congresses –          Events –          Press offices –          Translators –          Hostesses –          Promoters